The Internet of things




The XV publication of the Bankinter Foundation is the result of the analysis carried out by the Future Trends Forum experts and analyzes the “Internet of things”. We live in a connected world, where millions of people and objects are interconnected by the Internet. This publication describes the state of the art of this promising technology. Anything imaginable is capable of being connected to the network, become intelligent and therefore offers endless possibilities.

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Download now (1,9 MB – PDF)

  1. Prologue. (1,4 MB – PDF)
  2. Chapter 1 : What are things in the IoT. (468,6 KB – PDF)
  3. Chapter 2 : Just how intelligent are Things Today. (339,8 KB – PDF)
  4. Chapter 3 : Understanding the three basic layers. (709,4 KB – PDF)
  5. Chapter 4 : The impact of the IoT in Business and society. (959,3 KB – PDF)
  6. Conclusions. (315,9 KB – PDF)
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