Naples 18 centuries of protagonists

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Isaac Asimov wrote that towns are the place for the virtual reality. We live in a world that for the 1st time has more inhabitants in towns ,( urban), than in the countryside ,(rural), and that gives a special meaning to Asimov´s words. And not forget that he was the only able to “sketch” a future civilization writing more about sociology than science fiction.

To sketch …

Towns …place where the virtuality layer by laver defines space, time and the way we live our society.
Naples ..Mediterranean …a town of people and personalities.

It is plenty of ways to describe a town starting from its architecture to end with the GDP but the have a limit and the limit is that these metrics tell only about the “container”, ( the town),and not about the content,( the people).

Camillo Albanese in his last book ,( “ I personaggi che hnno fatto Napoli “, Mursia 2011), with 70 strokes paints the content.

Naples …Mediterranean … Europe.

And if you talk about the Mediterranean you must take into account Fernand Braudel and his masterpieces. Reading Albanese you can fill some empty spaces of the mosaic and this because he talks about the people…the personalities. If you close your eyes you can taste it ,the Mediterranean aroma like you are in a bazaar in Istanbul.

70 strokes, each stroke talks about a personality . A 589 pages book for an 18 centuries long travel. A travel deep rooted in the heart of this town.
Not only history but essentially the atmosphere of 18 centuries in the Mediterranean , our sea as Europeans

Paolo Dealberti